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Robotic layout solution. Quick, accurate, and easy construction site layouts.

Looking for a fast and precise solution for construction site layouts? Try HP's robotic layout system! This advanced technology streamlines the process, making it easier than ever to create accurate and effective layouts for your project. Transform your construction process today with HP's innovative layout robot.

The innovative HP SitePrint solution is now fully available and ready to radically improve productivity.

By digitizing what has long been a manual and time-consuming task, HP SitePrint makes it fast and easy for construction professionals to bring an idea to life on-site, while providing accuracy and reducing costs.

Improve on-site productivity

What if you could save on layout costs at your next job site? Help reduce layout and laborcosts, with autonomous operation and printed text on the field to save time. HP SitePrint brings productivity on site, from start to finish.

Get accurate layouts

Whether you’re building a parking structure, mall, or airport, HP SitePrint’s precision is in a class of its own. It’s consistently accurate on implementation and can handle complex layouts to help you get every job done exactly right.

Easy to use

This robust, all-in-one construction layout management solution can easily handle end-to-end project processes and has innovative versatile printing capabilities. The best part? It’s portable, to take it effortlessly from job site to job site.


Description HP SitePrint Robot
Product 3F8P0A
Power management Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery. Two batteries last a whole working shift (8h)
Application Layout for building construction: interior walls, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, HVAC and Formwork.
Materials Porous surfaces: polished and rough concrete, tarmac and wood. Non-porous surfaces: terrazzo, vinyl and epoxi
Obstacle avoidance 4 Safety sensors to avoid falloffs 3 LiDAR sensors to avoid collisions


Ink cartridge 1 cartridge (400ml -13.5oz Ink System)
Printing speed 900m/h (2,953 ft/h)
Navigation speed 1,440m/h (4,724 ft/h)
Minimum printable width 0.07in (2mm)
Maximum printable width 2in (51mm)
Printable elements Lines, Text, dashed-lines, curved lines, circumferences.
Printhead to floor distance 3/4 in (19 mm)
Accuracy tolerance 1/8 in (3mm)2


7J3Q9A HP SitePrint 100
Blue SB Semi-Permanent
76Y83A HP SitePrint 101
Red SB Semi-Permanent
76Y82A HP SitePrint 102
Black SB Permanent
7J3R0A HP SitePrint 103
Black WB Permanent
7J3R1A HP SitePrint 104
Cyan WB Permanent
7J3R2A HP SitePrint 105
Magenta WB Permanent
76Y80A HP SitePrint 107
Cyan WB Semi-Permanent
76Y81A HP SitePrint 108
Magenta WB Semi-Permanent
76Y84A HP SitePrint 109
Cleaning Fluid


Protection IP4X/NEMA1
Maximum slop 2.5º (4.4%)
Recomended operating temperature range From 15F to 105F (From -10ºC to 40ºC)3
Operating humidity 20%-80%
Operating altitude 6560 ft (2,000 m)


Dimensions Printer only: 50.5 x 31.7 x 26.1 cm –19.8 x 12.4 x 10.2 in =
With transportation case: 62.5 x 49.0 x 36.5 cm – 24.6 x 19.2 x 14.3 in
Weight Printer only: 8.9kg – 19.7 lb
With transportation case:17.7kg – 39.0lb


RTS Compatibility Leica iCon80 / Leica TS16
Connectivity Bluetooth, 4G, WiFi


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