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Professional instruments for the modern surveyor

Giving both inspiration and confidence to the professional surveyor, Leica Nova provides a simplified workflow and redefines how professionals operate in the field. Allowing access to an adaptable choice of integrated tools that negates the need to switch between instruments and software.


The new version of Leica Nova MS60, the world’s first MultiStation, allows you to complete all surveying tasks with one instrument. It combines:

  • Highest-end total station capabilities
  • 3D laser scanning, enabling you to scan up to 30’000 points per second
  • GNSS connectivity
  • Digital imaging


The Leica NOVA MS60 MultiStation comes with Leica Captivate, an onboard software with easy to understand apps that meet all your surveying jobs. To increase productivity, benefit from the MS60’s Dynamic Lock feature as well as the newly added AutoHeight feature - which helps you set up even quicker with increased accuracy.

When you are out in the field, you need a fast and versatile instrument. Leica Nova MS60 is the world’s first MultiStation, helping you perform all required surveying tasks with just one instrument. The MS60 can be used as a total station without any compromise and offers the option to scan with a speed of up 30,000 points per second. Benefit from digital imaging and GNSS connectivity. Master your projects by performing point cloud analysis directly in the field – such as flatness analysis or as-built checks in the Inspect Surface app – and by automatically measuring your instrument height with the AutoHeightfeature. Seamlessly transfer your data with Leica Exchange into Leica Infinity to manage, process, analyze, and quality check it.


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