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Survipod Mounting Pillar


The Survipod system provides a stable, accurate mild steel circular tube with a flat plate welded on top. There are also two handlebars, one on each side to aid installation and removal of the device from the cast-in sleeve.

-Less time-consuming setup than the conventional setting-out method, using the concrete pad.
-Improved stability of instrument resulting in more accurate and reliable setting out.
-Light and easy to maneuver.
-Fabricated from a mild steel circular tube it is very durable.

What does this add up to? Reduced work downtime, thus translates into higher productivity, resulting in reliability and accuracy at an extremely reasonable price.


The Survipod is fabricated from mild steel circular tube with a tapered end and flat plate weld to the top. All instruments can be secured on the flat plate via a screw thread. There are also two handlebars, one on each side of the tube to aid installation and removal of the device from the cast-in sleeve. Weighing 11kg, it is simultaneously durable and lightweight, and easy to transfer to a location by the engineer.


This product's suitability for replication is evident from the number of units which are being used (125 as of June 2011) and from the high-profile projects on which they are being used - such as the Shard.


Being a sustainable and reusable product, the Survipod is excellent value for money. It is also less time-consuming and more accurate to use than the method of using Tripods and concrete pads, making it economical for the project.

The steadiness of the Survipod ensures that expensive instruments such as the EDM, secured on the screw thread, are very safe and there is little chance they will be knocked over accidentally.


The Survipod is an uncomplicated, sturdy tool to use and does not require any prior training by an engineer. Its use simply involves placing the 'Survipod' into an existing alsi-percha cast-in sleeve, in the concrete column and then securing the required instrument, on the screw thread, on top. Accurate setting-out can then commence.


Manufactured in the UK from mild steel, the quality and durability of this product mean that it is a long-lasting and better-functioning product than a tripod, resulting in it being replaced less frequently. The Survipod is a product designed for reuse and recycling.

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