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The All-New Leica BLK360 Generation 2

Disrupting Reality Capture as we know it

Detail Poles Leica AP20 AutoPole

Unique smart system that boosts on-site productivity.

Multistation Site Verification - At your finger tips.

The new age of building construction

Layout Equipment Leica iCON iCR70 Construction Layout Tool

Leica Geosystems construction total stations lead the way to the no-strings and no-tapes approach in your construction project

BLK Autonomy Reality Capture. Simple.

BLK is about moving fast into the future - and the future is autonomy.

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FeaturedSurvey EquipmentSurvey Software BricsCAD® Network

€471.00 (€579.33 inc. VAT)

Crack MonitorsCrack Monitors / Tell TalesDetection & SafetyFeatured Crack Monitor Straight SC-100

€9.50 (€11.69 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedMarkingRS Smart Targets Datum Markers RS10 Red

€1.80 (€2.21 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedLeica GeosystemsLeica iCONPrisms Leica GMP111 Mini Prism Set

€186.00 (€228.78 inc. VAT)

Building ConstructionFeaturedLaser EquipmentLeica GeosystemsLine Lasers Leica Lino L6G Multi Line Laser

€550.00 (€676.50 inc. VAT)

Building ConstructionFeaturedLaser EquipmentLaser LevelsLeica Geosystems Leica Rugby 620 Laser Level

€675.00 (€830.25 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesBuilding ConstructionFeaturedSecoSurvey AccessoriesSurvey EquipmentTripods Matador Dual Lock Tripods

€190.00 (€233.70 inc. VAT)

Cable Avoidance ToolsDetection & SafetyFeatured Radiodetection gCAT4+

Call for price

AccessoriesFeaturedReflective TargetsReflective Targets Reflective Targets

€20.00 (€24.60 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedLeica iCONRS Smart TargetsSurvey AccessoriesSurvey Equipment RSMP390M 360 Rotating Prism Target

€87.50 (€107.63 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedLaser AccessoriesLaser EquipmentLevel AccessoriesSeco Seco 5m Staff, Square button with Spot Bubble

€50.00 (€61.50 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedLevel AccessoriesSecoTripods SECO Aluminium Quick Clamp Tripod

€75.00 (€92.25 inc. VAT)

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