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The All-New Leica BLK360 Generation 2

Disrupting Reality Capture as we know it

Detail Poles Leica AP20 AutoPole

Unique smart system that boosts on-site productivity.

Multistation Site Verification - At your finger tips.

The new age of building construction

Layout Equipment Leica iCON iCR70 Construction Layout Tool

Leica Geosystems construction total stations lead the way to the no-strings and no-tapes approach in your construction project

BLK Autonomy Reality Capture. Simple.

BLK is about moving fast into the future - and the future is autonomy.

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AccessoriesFeaturedPrismsRS Smart TargetsSurvey AccessoriesSurvey Equipmenttest RS150M Mini prism


Building ConstructionFeaturedLaser EquipmentLeica GeosystemsLine Lasers Leica Lino L6G Multi Line Laser Pro Kit


FeaturedHeavy ConstructionLeica GeosystemsMachine Recievers Leica LMR 240 machine receiver


Cable Avoidance ToolsDetection & InspectionDetection & SafetyFeaturedRadiodetection Radiodetection gCAT4+


Building ConstructionFeaturedLaser EquipmentLaser LevelsLeica Geosystems Leica Rugby 620 Laser Level

€700.00 (€861.00 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedLeica iCONRS Smart TargetsSurvey AccessoriesSurvey Equipment RSMP390rM 360 Rotating Prism Target

€87.50 (€107.63 inc. VAT)

Crack MonitorsCrack Monitors / Tell TalesDetection & SafetyFeatured Crack Monitor Straight SC-100

€9.50 (€11.69 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedReflective TargetsReflective TargetsRS Smart Targets RS Reflective Targets

€10.00 (€12.30 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedMarkingRS Smart Targets Datum Markers RS10 Red

€1.80 (€2.21 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesBuilding ConstructionFeaturedSecoSurvey AccessoriesSurvey EquipmentTripods Seco Dual Clamp Fibreglass Tripod

€195.00 (€239.85 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedLaser AccessoriesLaser EquipmentLevel AccessoriesSeco Seco 5m Staff, Square button with Spot Bubble

€50.00 (€61.50 inc. VAT)

AccessoriesFeaturedLevel AccessoriesSecoTripods SECO Aluminium Quick Clamp Tripod

€75.00 (€92.25 inc. VAT)

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