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Mini prism RSMP12 plastic housing with spike and prisms in 17.5mm

With the mini prisms RSMP12, surveyors can now easily take measurements in cracks, gaps and corners. Fixed dimensions (see product drawings) give the surveyor the exact path from the point of measurement to the base of the housing or the tip of the spike.

In forensics the prisms are use for the exact surveying of bullet holes.

NOTE: For precise measurements, the prism must be directly aligned with the surveying instrument!

When using the mini prisms for surveying settlement, the spikes can be removed and thus be inserted or glued into the smallest cracks or gaps.

On facades, historical buildings, supports and many other objects, monitoring is possible with measuring points that are barely identifiable for the general public.

On concrete or masonry objects, small holes can be drilled to countersink the prisms flush with the surface.

RSMP10 with 12.7 mm miniprism: Offset: -10.12 (minus 10.12) for Leica: +24.28
RSMP12 with 17.5 mm miniprism: Offset: -11.3 (minus 11.3) for Leica: +23.1

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