Leica Rod Eye 120G Green Beam Laser Level Receiver

Leica Rod Eye 120G Green Beam Laser Level Receiver

  • Leica Rod Eye 120G Laser Level Receiver

    The Leica Rod Eye 120G receiver is designed to capture the green laser beam of the Rugby 640G rotating laser. The digital read out capability makes height readings and working with offsets convenient and fast, whereas the 7 cm detection window allows beam detection up to 200 metres (radius). 

    • LCD indication – two large graphic displays on the front and back of the receiver
    • The digital readout of the Rod Eye 120G measures offset from Rugby 640G beam position, adding convenience and saving time
    • Audio indication - three volume levels: loud, soft, off
    • Accuracy (bandwidth) indication - three accuracy levels: fine, medium, coarse
    • Built-in 7 cm detection window allows easy detection of the beam over the entire distance

      What does this add up to? Reduced work downtime, thus translate into higher productivity, resulting in reliability and accuracy at an extremely reasonable price. Test one for yourself at LES today.

    • WORKING DIAMETER (laser dependent)
       600 m
      36 mm 
      Fine | +/- 1 mm
      Coarse | +/- 3 mm
      PROTECTION CLASS (splash water/dust proof)
      • IP66 

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