High Telescopic Tripod UPLIFT500

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Price €1,500.00
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Steel Telescopic Lifter

UPLIFT500 is a telescopic lifter made of painted steel, with manual lifting composed of 4 sections, the laser scanner is positioned at a maximum height of 5,00 meters.
Combines stability with great sturdiness.
All metallic components (articulated parts, pressure knobs, leg braces, etc.) guarantee maximum durability and strength.
It is equipped with:

  • double safety locking system by means of safety-bolt
  • pressure knob
  • heavy duty non-slip rubber feet
  • wind bracing kit
  • bubble level


  • Easy to use
  • Short setup and uninstall time (approximately 10 min)
  • Easy movement among scanning stations
  • Significant increase in the 3D Laser Scanner measuring range

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