Leica iCON

The Leica iCON series of  BIM compatible  Robotic Total Stations, 7" Graphic Controllers, NetRover GPS and iCON Base and Rover options perfects one-person construction engineering and construction surveying, site layout and 3D machine control.
Simplify your work on site with the total station’s high performance tracking, innovative lock and find mechanisms and software that is tailored to your work step by step.
Leica's iCON gps 60 Smart Antenna delivers unmatched precision and performance in a rugged, compact unit that is designed to stand up to the harsh conditions typically found on construction sites. It will act as Base (without a controller), Rover, or NetRover, and it will also stream corrections over a data connection on road jobs meaning you don't need repeaters.
Get faster and optimised results with the powerful iCONstruct field software as a remote control.