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RS150M Mini prism

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Price €130.00 €145.00
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A new and innovative solution to set out measurement points quickly and accurately on horizontal or vertical surfaces with robotic total stations.

After reaching the point to be measured, simply sliding the prism from position A to position B and vice versa frees the respective measuring point directly below the prism and can be marked directly through an opening in the base plate of the setting-out aid.


  • Direct marking of the point to be measured on the surface
  • The prism always stays aligned with the instrument
  • It is usually not necessary to pay attention to a horizontal position using a spirit level, since the tilting axis height is only 50 mm
  • A scale on the side walls allows the distances specified by the measuring device to be transferred quickly and easily.

Dimension file RS150M for download.

Animated layout aid for robotics RS150M with mini prism

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