The Offset Survipod

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Survipods The Offset Survipod

Price €535.00
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The Offset Survipod™ is an innovative setting-out tool from Survipod Engineering Solutions Ltd which replaces the conventional and often unstable tripod. It acts as a robust and stable platform, enabling accuracy and consistency for site set-out or layout engineers. The added benefit of this product is that it avoids vertical reinforcement by virtue of the offset design.

The Offset Survipod is simply dropped into a cast-in sleeve, which has been cast into a column or wall on the structure. The Engineers instrument of choice, be it a Total Station, Dumpy, Laser level, etc, is then screwed onto the stainless steel thread located on top of the Offset Survipod.

This offers the preferred platform for the engineer to begin setting out.



1842mm High; 300mm Offset
400mm wide (handlebar width)
150 x 150mm top plate
76mm OD tube
Weight 13kg


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