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Laser Scanner Targets RSL-X90M

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Price €41.00
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  • Excellently suited to scanners from Leica,and others
  • Fixed points for connecting several positions
  • Allocation of spatial reference information to a geospatial dataset
  • Magnetic non-magnetic version available on request
  • The following products have the same XYZ coordinates when using the fixed point RSFP-X9
  1. Mini-prisms RSMP190M, RSMP290M and RSMP390M
  2. Reflective target RS193M
  3. Laser scanner target RSL-X90M
  4. In combination with survey mark RSFP-X90, any of the listed mini-prisms or targets can be set up at the same point again and again
  • When using the survey mark RSFP-X90, the same measuring point can be used with tachymeter, robotic total station and laser scanner.
  • For repeat measurements, only a small, barely visible, stainless steel survey mark is left on the building (e.g. on a fa‚àö√üade). The mini-prisms, reflective targets or laser scanner targets are fitted on the survey marks just for the measurements.
  • If need be, the laser scanner targets can also be permanently glued or fixed

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