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Detection & SafetyGround Penetrating Radar IDS Stream DP

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Stream DP is the revolutionary multichannel GPR array solution for real-time 3D mapping of underground utilities and features that overturns the state-of-the-art in underground surveys. Featuring the new radical Equalized scrambled Technology - EsT by IDS GeoRadar, Stream DP brings underground assets detection to the next level: the deepest one.

This ground-penetrating radar offers unmatched performance maximizing asset detection to a deeper range compared to any other solution available on the market.

Ergonomically designed for easy handling and transportation, Stream DP can be efficiently deployed by a single user thanks to its lightweight (max. 20kg per part) and its compact size that fits in a standard vehicle (116cmX82cm).

Stream DP is part of the Stream family which provides high-technology products for an advanced investigation of underground utilities. Meet the other products of this family: Stream TStream UPStream X

Benefits of Stream DP include:

  • Revolutionary EsT: Equalized scrambled Technology for unparalleled control of the GPR signal, extended depth range, and ultra-high resolution;
  • High productivity: a massive array (30 channels in double polarization, 19VV + 11HH) for an accurate 3D reconstruction of the underground utility network created in a single scan;
  • Greater efficiency: One operator can assemble the system in less than 5 minutes and transport it with a standard vehicle;
  • Non-Stop Performance: Non-stop surveying performance with low battery power consumption (15W-19W) and hot swap technology for the power supply;
  • User-configurable: One solution for different scenarios: Stream DP is configurable both in rugged and asphalt versions.
  • No-limit to data collection and
    easy management: Stream DP employs the latest software technology solutions for data collection and post-processing: uMap and IQMaps.

The on-field software uMap, allows for faster collection and improved management of data with an easy-to-use interface that even unskilled users can comfortably manage.

IQMaps is IDS GeoRadar’s post-processing software application for the advanced analysis of GPR data, enabling fast interfacing between the user and GPR data itself.

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