GeoSLAM Revo Realtime Handheld 3D Scanner Apr 24, 2018 by Andy Ricci

“Go-anywhere” 3D Mobile Mapping Technology LES are delighted to introduce the new GeoSLAM Revo Real Time handheld scanner. Process data on the fly and colour the point cloud data. More information on th real time unit below and some information on using Revo for construction verification using Clear Edge Verity and Bentley Context Capture for producing reality models. The ZEB-REVO RT is the next generation of the hugely popular ZEB-REVO – GeoSLAM’s lightweight, handheld laser scanner which allows the rapid and simple mapping of complex, indoor and multi-level spaces. The ZEB-REVO RT utilises WiFi technology to seamlessly connect the scanner to a mobile phone or tablet, allowing...

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