OSGM15 – Geoid Changes for Ireland

OSGM15 – Geoid Changes for Ireland Aug 09, 2017 by Kevin Dolan

OSGM15 – Geoid Changes for Ireland Avoid the potential dangers of height differences between geoid models read the paper published by the SCSI(Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland) Are you a surveyor, architect, engineer, developer or builder? If you use topographic survey information or mapping, it is essential to understand the effects the change to the new, improved geoid model covering Ireland and UK can have on your projects. The Ordnance Surveys Ireland (OSI), together with Ordnance Surveys of Great Britain (OSGB) and Land and Property Services (LPS, formally Ordnance Surveys Northern Ireland) worked together to improve the existing OSGM02...

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