Verity – Construction Verification Software


Find Construction Mistakes Before They Become Expensive Problems

3D Scan Data to Verify As-Built also contains Rithm plugin

Understand what work has been installed

Verity is a companion software to Autodesk Navisworks and provides unprecedented insight into and control over your construction project by analyzing and comparing what has actually been built against the design/fab model to determine which elements have been installed to date and flagging any out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work.

 Reduce costly rework from as-built variances

Verity analyzes constructed elements including footers, structural members, MEP, concrete, penetrations, walls, and more. Elements in the design/fab model are Verity CUP Results Stoplight Captionchecked to determine installation status and accuracy. Out-of-tolerance work can be highlighted, annotated and pushed to the subcontractor, project manager and all stakeholders as an HTML or PDF report.

Floor flatness & levelness (FFL) QA software, directly integrated with Autodesk® Navisworks®

Perform Floor Flatness and Levelness (FFL) analysis directly from scan data loaded into Autodesk Navisworks, on wet or dry concrete in near real-time.


This software provides robust insights of flooring deviations with heat maps, contours, and grids points, which you can export back to your coordination model in Navisworks & share with your team. With this integrated solution, you can reduce costs while improving the quality and accuracy of your projects.


  • Analyze flooring deviations from Autodesk Navisworks
  • Obtain ASTM E1155 compliant reports in minutes
  • Reduce rework costs by analyzing wet concrete
  • Easily visualize flooring deviation with heat maps, contours & grid points