Rotosure R50 Rolosure Indoor Measuring Wheel

The Rotosure R50 was designed for measuring around the Office Home or Factory over short distances. The Rotosure R50 is ideal for positioning furniture, machines and measuring along walls, floors for quick reference measurement such as quoting on Carpets, Tiles, Curtains and many more. The Rotosure R50 will measure an arch or curved surface more quickly than any tape measure. The Rotosure R50 is perfect for all types of companies that work with measurements inside their warehouses and factories.


The Rotosure R50  features the following:


    • Telescopic Handle Folds to One Third
    • Measures Walls and Windows
    • Push Button Zero Reset
    • Follows Fine Edges
    • Runs in Straight Line
    • Balanced In Line Movement
    • Better Traction

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