PointCab Point Cloud 3D Pro Software

PointCab Point Cloud Software

  • 3DPro includes all tools from the Suite, plus the following tools:

    • Mesh
    • Volume
    • Delta
    • Unfold
    • Profiler
    • Vectorizer
    • PointCloud Export
    • Target-based Registration

    • Basic functions

      Register and align

      Registration (3D Pro)

      Register and align scans independently from scanner software



      Create scaled images for documentation


      Panoramic views from any desired position


      Create interactive HTML or PDF documentations

      2D functions

      Layout & Section

      Create distortion-free layouts and sections as ortho photos



      Match high-resolution images onto sections and layouts


      Create measurements of angles, distances and surfaces, dimensioning and annotations

      Vectorizer (3D Pro)

      Vectorize plans created based on your point cloud


      Profiler (3D Pro)

      Create profile lines in an elevation model of the point cloud

      3D functions


      Extraction of 3D points from sections and planar views

      Volume (3D Pro)

      Create volume calculation protocols according to REB 22013

      Delta (3D Pro)

      Analyze and protocol deviations of evenness

      Unfold (3D Pro)

      Unfold and analyze cylindrical objects

      Mesh (3D Pro)

      Extract meshed digital 3D terrain models (DTM)

      PointCloud Export (3D Pro)

      Export specific parts of the point cloud

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