PointCab 4Revit Essential-Plugin

PointCab 4Revit-Plug in

  • PointCab 4Revit Essential is the potent add-on for users who, on the one hand, work with Laserscanner-Software e.g. FARO Scene, Trimble RealWorks, Leica Cyclone etc. and, on the other hand, work with Autodesk Revit.

    PointCab 4Revit Essential contains exclusively the core functions to achieve rapid results with comprehensive point cloud data in Autodesk Revit.

    The easy-to-use user interface of PointCab 4Revit Essential and so far unsurpassed rapid performance in the workflow and in processing even the largest point clouds make the work simple and efficient.

    For first-time users of BIM, its fundamental functionalities provide a convenient entry point into point cloud evaluation for BIM; it can be expanded as desired and where required.

    PointCab 4Revit Essential comprises the following constituent parts and functions:

    • Base software for point cloud evaluation
    • Functions “Sketch”, “Floor Plan”, “Section”, “Panorama” and “Transformation calculator”
    • incl. 4CAD functionality from PointCab 3DPro
    • PointCab 4Revit plug-in
    • Support and maintenance

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