Leica ZRover

Leica ZRover Survey and Setout System

  • Leica ZRover GNSS/GPS Survey System

    • Leica ZRover – Faster, more accurate asset management

      The construction industry is transforming to adopt digital ways of working. Traditional ways are often manual, time consuming and subject to human error.

      Switching to digital asset management, by using the Leica ZRover solution, enables users to digitally locate, record and measure assets on a construction site with the highest accuracy, saving time and reducing errors.

      Survey with Zeno mobile .Carry your CAD site plans with you for constant visibility, reducing the risk of mistakes happening, or going unnoticed. 

    • Navigate accurately to a location on a construction site to carry out both new and existing installations, allowing you to check the accuracy against the CAD drawing.
      Combined with Detection Systems such as a Radio detection 8100 with Bluetooth, navigate accurately to existing assets to avoid unnecessary damage.
      Digitally record the length, direction and depth of an installed asset. reducing the risk of human error, and saving valuable time by carrying out the work whilst the ground is still open. Upload directly to Dropbox for full site to office workflow

      Connect and use ArcGIS data collector app by ESRI. Create and share maps, collect data and upload to ArcGIS.

      What does this add up to? Reduced work downtime, thus translate into higher productivity, resulting in reliability and accuracy at an extremely reasonable price. Test one for yourself at LES today.
    • Leica Zeno 20 Professional Windows or Android 
      Zeno Mobile Android Version or Microsurvey Fieldgenius(Windows version only)
      Leica AS10 Triple Frequency GNSS Antenna 
      Leica GLS30 Pole with Cable, Mount and Clamp

      Leica AZ212 Hard Container

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