Leica iCON Office, Tunnel Module

Leica iCON office tunnel module gives users total control of the tunnel. It provides unlimited opportunities to control tunnels of all shapes. Users can easily design theoretical tunnels by using the module’s graphical and numerical tools. Tunnel sections, with a road line and a profile, create a total description of a tunnel in three dimensions. Users can connect an optional number of theoretical tunnel sections with or without interpolation.

Volume calculation of a theoretical tunnel can use an optional offset and can be limited laterally and vertically. The resulting volume report and the drawing functions create a detailed report and enable full control of the tunnel. For a quick check of crucial parts, users can directly display a measured tunnel and compare it with a theoretical tunnel by displaying sections, offsets, and distances to the theoretical tunnel.

For tunnel surveying, consider using the GeoPad field controller with a reflectorless robotic total station. The GeoPad enables tunnel measuring in all dimensions; users can specify optional intervals between surveyed sections and optional intervals along a section. The GeoPad supports functions for tunnel scanning.

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