Leica iCON Office, Terrain Module

This module has all necessary functions for creating, editing, and performing volume calculations of digital terrain models.

The module has  graphical functions for:

Editing models, Creating new triangles, Removing triangles, Rotating triangles, Moving points,
Editing height of points,   Connecting and splitting stop lines


Users can create contour lines with optional equidistance from a terrain model. They can display contour lines directly in a model, which is helpful when editing. They can also create terrain sections and terrain profiles from terrain models.

The model-to-model function includes calculations of volumes between (1) two optional models or (2) between one model and one reference level.

A polygon of border can limit the area to be calculated. The volume calculation results in a report that includes areas and volumes of excavated material and fill.

Users can also create a difference model by using volume-calculation functions.

From the difference model, they can create difference contour lines that display the location of excavated material and fill.

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