Leica FlexLine TS02plus Manual Total Station

Leica FlexLine TS02plus Manual Total Station

  • Leica FlexLine TS02plus

    Best-in-class precision

    Quality, precision & reliability
    FlexLine plus total stations are built to the highest Swiss Technology quality standards. Users benefit from high precision and reliable instruments in order to fulfil their tasks with the requested accuracy. 

    Best-in-class EDM technology
    With PinPoint Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM), TS02plus delivers the optimal balance in:

    • Range
    • Accuracy
    • Reliability
    • Beam visibility
    • Laser dot size
    • Measurement time

    With a wide variety of EDM options, the TS02plus is able to measure to both prisms and direct objects without the need for a reflector.

    Intuitive onboard software
    The TS02plus is delivered with the intuitive onboard software, Leica FlexField plus. Guided workflows and easy to understand graphics and icons ensure a low learning curve when working in the field. Graphics and icons make the interpretation of measurement values or text no longer necessary, guaranteeing faster and simple operation when you need it. 

    What does this add up to? Reduced work downtime, thus translate into higher productivity, resulting in reliability and accuracy at an extremely reasonable price. Test one for yourself at LES today.
    • 3" or 7"
    • Quadruple Axis compensation 
    • Reflectorless 500m 
    • Tape (60mmx60mm) 250m
    • Prism 3500m
    • Precise+: 1.5 mm + 2.0 ppm  Tracking: 3.0 mm + 2.0 ppm
    • Precise Fast: 2.0 mm + 2.0 ppm
    Tracking: 3.0 mm + 2.0 ppm
    • 30 hours on GEB221

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