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Leica DD230 Smart Utility Locator

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The new SMART utility locator solution allows usersto detect buried utilities,transfer and access data remotely to a hosted service for multiple users, across multiple sitesto manage site activities. The Leica DD SMART series uses industry-leading digital signal processing to identify underground assets deeper, faster and more accurately than any other system. SMART technology records information to manage site activities and map buried utilities, protecting your assets, personnel and utilities.


Locate and trace accurately your utilities with simple workflows, increasing capability to analyse your assets performance in less time. Personalise and enhance reports to provide actionable outcomes improving site safety and workflows. With the DD SMART utility locators and the DX Shield software more utilities are located. With the locators new technology there is a reduced need for multiple sweeps.

DX Shield software focuses on site protection allowing organisations to gain a better understanding of task performance and site complexities. Easy-to-use reports provide a fast and convenient overview of product use, enabling businesses to identify training needs and skills gaps leading to reduced utility strikes.

DX Field Shield
Fast and easy transfer of locator data and site documentation.


On-board video support, usage alerts and diagnostics to protect your assets and your site workers with a SMART solution. DX Shield software and DD SMART utility locators provide organisations with a mechanism to review and report on assets use, which allows organisations to improve process and products usage.

DX Office Shield
Provides product configuration, maintenance and usage analysis.

DX Manager Shield
Visualise and report on locator use and site documentation in near real time.

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