Leica Builder 400

Leica Builder 400

  • Leica Builder 400 - if performance makes the deal     
    With an extended working range to prisms of up to 500m/1600ft (optional 3500m/2.2mi), a full alpha-numeric keyboard for rapid entry/recall of point numbers (cell phone style use), short range laser distance measurements with 15m/50ft for quick as-builts of inaccessible points and a huge memory of 50’000 points, Leica Builder 400 is the high performer in its league.

    What does this add up to? Reduced work downtime, thus translate into higher productivity, resulting in reliability and accuracy at an extremely reasonable price. Test one for yourself at LES today.
  • • Accuracy | 5'' or 9''• Laser Plummet
    • Laser Distance Measure
    • 120m Reflectorless 
    • 250m to Reflective tape

    • 250m to Prism

    • MEAS/REC Switch Key

    • Call up plan data & record points

    • Volumes Calculation

    • Laser Plummet
    • Data Import/Export to USB Stick

    • Direct DFX download
    • Internal Memory

    • Laser Plummet
    • Keyboard

    • Leveling Aid
    • Theft Protection
    • Li-lon Batteries
    • Laser Plummet
    • Keyboard

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