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    Mount the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO – our lightweight revolving laser-scanner – onto your chosen mobile platform such as a vehicle or UAV and pass through your target survey environment to record more than 40,000 measurement points/second.


    Automatic SLAM Cloud-to-cloud registration using GeoSLAM Desktop Software or GeoSLAM Pay-as-you-go cloud processing.


    The resulting 3D Point Cloud can be used to create 2D layouts or 3D models in industry standard CAD and point cloud post-processing software.


    Extra Versatility Due to the auto-rotation of the sensor head, the ZEB-REVO can be handheld, but also deployed on a pole, backpack, or even autonomous vehicle
    Higher Resolution Now with a 100Hz line speed, the ZEB-REVO produces 2.5 times more scan lines than the ZEB1, and a more structured point cloud
    More Discreet No requirement to be manually nodded and with a reduced size, the ZEB-REVO provides a more subtle survey operation
    Improved Accuracy Higher resolution facilitates improved feature extraction and more accurate automatic SLAM registration with just a single closed loop

    43,200 measurement points/sec
    +/- 0.1% (typically) 0.625° horizontal, 1.8° vertical
    +/- 0.1% (typically) 0.625° horizontal, 1.8° vertical

    • 30m indoors, 15-20m in outdoor environments. However, densely covered, ‘feature-rich’ environments such as forests are ideal and are practically considered to be ‘indoor’ to the scanner
    • 100 Hz
    • ~8MB for every 1 min scanning

    Highly mobile and lightweight, ZEB systems are perfectly suited for indoor mobile mapping for a variety of end users. Both systems have been designed with multi-level environments in mind, allowing 3-dimensional loops using stairways. Applications include:


    • Measured building surveying
    • Scan to BIM
    • Heritage building mapping
    • Real estate valuations
    • Building footprints
    • Industrial plant surveys
    • Rapid scans for building demolition planning

    With no requirement for GPS, ZEB systems are in their element underground. The light, compact and rugged nature of both scanning units makes them perfect for surveying tight, enclosed spaces. Whilst the handheld ZEB1 can survey accessible areas, the ZEB-REVO can be fixed to a trolley for more confined or hazardous spaces.
    • Mine mapping
    • Cave mapping

    ZEB systems have been found to increase survey detail and quality, whilst slashing survey times by a factor of 3. Read more about the experience of mapping underground mines in Ireland here.

    For fast, accurate and efficient measurement of stockpiles, look no further than ZEB. The handheld ZEB1 can be walked around the pile, or attach the ZEB-REVO to an extending pole for full stockpile coverage. The ZEB-REVO can also be wall-mounted for continuous stockpile analysis.

    Registered ZEB data can swiftly and easily be imported into third party software for rapid volume calculations.

    Read more about Iowa Department of Transport’s experience with using the ZEB1 for monitoring salt stockpiles here.

    Described as a ‘game changer for the forestry industry’ by one satisfied customer, the mobile ZEB systems are well suited to the outdoor environment. With a rugged design and an IP64 rating (splash-proof, dust-tight), you can rest assured the unit is fit for the great outdoors. Applications include:
    • Forestry resource management
    • Tree counting and mapping
    • Biomass removal monitoring

    When combined with GeoSLAM Desktop, data can be registered out in the field, enabling immediate processing and results, wherever you are.

    With a data acquisition rate of over 40,000 points per second, both ZEB units are capable of capturing a huge amount of data in a short space of time. Both units can also be used remotely, without needing to interfere with an area of interest. Both these capabilities render the ZEB system perfect for a number of security and incident applications, including:
    • Crime scene mapping
    • Accident reconstruction
    • Contingency planning
    • Reconnaissance

    Whether a crime scene needs detailed assessment, or a road vehicle incident requires rapid capture, ZEB surveying systems are uniquely placed to do the job.

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