Leica Zeno 20 and S910 With Gamtec Package

Leica Zeno 20 and S910 With Gamtec Package

  • Leica Zeno 20 and a Leica Disto S910 laser distance meter gamtec package. 

    Combining the new Leica DISTO S910 with the Leica Zeno 20 changes how users collect asset information in GNSS-denied areas. With this signature gamtec technology, highly accurate distance and angular measurements from the DISTO™ S910 can be transferred on the fly to the Zeno 20, where data is imported in real time in your GIS – challenging GNSS areas are now problems of the past.

    A winning combination
    The DISTO™ S910 can precisely measure directions and angles, and with the accurate positions delivered from the Zeno 20, you have a revolutionary instrument to capture inaccessible assets securely. Zeno Mobile running on the Zeno 20 allows you to effortlessly establish the connection and import the DISTO™ S910 measurements into your project - no post-editing is necessary.

    In a simple and affordable way, remove the limitations of GNSS while increasing safety.

    GNSS Angular Measurement (gamtec) transforms the S910 into a laser designator for the Zeno 20:  If you can hit an asset with the S910’s laser, the Zeno 20 will drop a point on it. 

    The DISTO S910 is the most advanced laser distance meter (LDM) available. It features a 300m range, a 4x zoom digital scope with a real-time LCD touchscreen display, and Smartbase -- an integrated bi-axial pivot that the S910 uses to orient the measurements it takes in three-dimensional space.

    The S910's map points are accurate to a best-in-class ~30cm from a distance of 100m.

    Offset measuring 
    Simply target the offset point and transfer necessary information via one click to the Zeno 20 where the offset point is generated in the user defined coordinate system.

    Different to compass-based solutions, the gamtec benefits from direction readings achieving much higher accuracies, which are further improved through stable tripod setup.

    Safely and accurately do offset measurements from one setup location while increasing productivity.

    • Removes the limitation of GNSS and close gaps in GNSS-denied areas in a simple and affordable way
    • Maintain very high accuracy through mechanical angular reading, stable setup and highly accurate setup positioning
    • Increase safety - no need to cross a street to measure a point on the other side and no need to stand on a busy street to measure the gully

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    GAMtec is a cutting-edge solution for GIS asset collection combining the capabilities of the Zeno 20 and Disto S910 instruments. This is a versatile option which is ideal for surveying assets that are inaccessible while maintaining the required standards of data capture. The setup is portable and straightforward and the Zeno Mobile interface keeps the workflow simple.

  • Basic: Single Frequency (L1), GPS and GLONASS

    Performance: Dual Frequency (L1/L2), GPS

    Professional: Dual Frequency (L1/L2), GPS and GLONASS

    • GPS L1 only
    • GPS: L2, L2C GLONASS: L1, L2 , BeiDou B1, Galileo E1
    • 120
    • 1HZ (1 sec) Optional: 5HZ (0.2 sec)
    • 1cm + 1ppm
    • <5cm + 1ppm with L1/L2 handheld
    • <40cm L1 handheld
    • <0.9m with SBAS L1 Handheld

    • 1*-Stated accuracy is with AS10 antenna, requires ZENO L1/L2 option
    • 2*-Measurement precision, accuracy and reliability depend on various factors as per spec sheet

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