C.Scope SGA2 Signal Generator - Genny

  • The C.Scope SGA2 is a digital Signal Generator or Genny that is designed to be used with C.Scopes CXL2 and DXL2 Cable Avoidance Tools. The combined use of these products set a new benchmark in excavating safety as well as still delivering all the benefits and familiar operating practices associated with the original product range.

    The C.Scope SGA2 Signal Generator is designed for use alongside a CXL2 or DXL2 Cable Avoidance Tool. It enables more underground utilities to be detected such as street lighting cables. The SGA2 Signal Generator features a new combined 33+131kHz signal further increasing the number of buried services that can be energised and detected.

    The SGA2 has a class leading One watt Power output which helps to get a detectable signal onto deeper and less conducting pipes and cables for complex locate tasks and provides longer distance tracing capability. It also features ahigh & low power toggle button.

    The SGA2 offers the choice of a Pulsed or Continuous signal output allowing operators to switch to the Pulsed Mode at the push of a button in high interference situations and keep on tracing.

    The SGA2 Signal Generator has a clear audible signal output to indicate when it is in operation. A useful in-built audio mute control is also included.

    p>Using the SGA2 with the CXL2 or DXL2 Cable Avoidance Tools maximises the full performance capabilities of the new products and provides a significant step forward in the quest to reduce the day-to-day risk of cable strikes.

  • Output Power
    High/Low toggle up to 1 Watt.

    Product Dimensions
    360 x 180 x 230mm

    2.0kg unit only.
    3.4kg incl. accessories.

    4 x D (LR20) alkaline batteries typically giving up to 30 hours intermittent use at 20C.
    Compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries.

    Temperature Range
    -20C to +50C

    IP Rating


    Three years (conditions apply).

    Generator Features SGA2
    One Watt Power HIGH / LOW
    Generator Frequencies 33+131KHz x
    Pulsed/Continuous Output Signal x
    Signal Connection Modes x
    – Direct Connection x
    – Induction x
    – Wraparound x
    Display (LCD)
    Accessory Tray* x
    Three Year Warranty** x
    Batteries*** 4 x D (LR20)
    IP65 x


    * Accessory Tray includes Direct Connection Lead, Auxiliary 10m Earth Lead, Connection Magnets and Earth Stake.

    ** 3 Year Warranty. Conditions apply.

    *** Batteries. The SGA2 uses 4 x D LR20 type NiCad or Rechargeable bat


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