C.Scope Plastic Pipe Tracer

  • The Plastic Pipe Tracers allow SMALL diameter, non-metallic pipes to be traced.

    • Extremely small diameter can be used in pipes down to 10 mm.
    • Highly robust, resistant to kinking.
    • Available in 20 metre and 50 metre lengths.
    • Full length or tip only detection capability.
    • Water and gas proof.
    • Uniform diameter to allow easy use with any proprietary insertion gland.


  • Product Name
    20 m and 50 m Plastic Pipe Tracer

    Operates at 32,768Hz

    Detection Depth Range
    Line Detection: 3m (dependent upon Locator and Signal Generator type and site conditions)
    Tip Detection: 4m (dependent upon Locator and Signal Generator type and site conditions)

    Any Signal Generator or Transmitter with 33kHz or 33/131kHz combined output

    Rod Length
    20m or 50m

    Rod and Sonde Diameter

    Rod Minimum Bend Radius

    Reel: Robust plastic housing
    Rod: Flexible, chemical resistant plastic

    Reel dimensions (20m)
    150 x 120 x 250mm

    Reel dimensions (50m)
    165 x 290 x 240mm

    Reel weight (20m)
    1248 g

    Reel weight (50m)
    2073 g

    Operational Temperature Range
    -20ºC to 50ºC

    Storage Temperature Range
    -20ºC to 50ºC

    IP rating for actual Tracer Rod & Tip

    IP rating for Plastic Pipe Tracer Casing

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