C.Scope Flexible Tracer Cobra Reel

  • The Flexible Tracer is highly effective at locating and tracing the route of small diameter, non-metallic ducts, pipes, sewers and drains.

    • Fibreglass rod inside a drum cage mounted in a tubular steel frame.
    • 80m of 5mm diameter flexible fibreglass rod with fully integrated 7.5mm diameter Sonde.
    • Integral Sonde for tip tracing.
    • Integral wire for line tracing.
    • Slip Ring allowing drum rotation when in use.
    • Rotation brake.
    • Unique flexible Sonde performs even in tight angles.
    • Robust but lightweight construction.


  • Product Name
    80 m Flexible Tracer

    Part No.

    Optimised for 32,768Hz

    Detection Depth Range:
    Line Detection 3 m (dependent upon Locator and Signal Generator type and site conditions)
    Tip Detection 4 m (dependent upon Locator and Signal Generator type and site conditions)

    Any Signal Generator or Transmitter with 33kHz or 33/131kHz combined output

    Rod Length
    80 m

    Rod Diameter
    5 mm nominal

    Rod Material
    Quality sleeved fibreglass rod with three integral copper wires

    Rod Minimum Bend Radius
    10 cm (reducing to 15 cm, 5 cm from Tip)

    Rod wire diameter
    0.45 mm each wire

    Transmitting Sonde Diameter
    7.5 mm max.

    Rigid Tip Length
    20 mm max.

    Tip Material

    Frame Size
    58.8 x 28.8 x 48.5 cm

    Frame Material
    Powder coated 16 mm steel tube

    Reel Diameter
    48 cm

    7.5 kg

    Slip ring assembly
    Sealed multi-wire duplexed

    Operational Temperature Range
    -20ºC to 50ºC

    Storage Temperature Range
    -20ºC to 50ºC

    IP rating
    for Tracer Rod & Tip 68
    for Casing 54
    for Terminal Box 66

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