Avancer Rail Track Measuring Wheel

The stainless steel body ensures a long service in harsh conditions. There are two counters available for use of the Avancer rail track measuring wheel.


Key Features:

Carry Bag Included
Stainless Steel Construction
Telescopic Handle
Heavy Duty Shaft
2 Year Warranty
Available in 5 models
Metres/Yards  Metres/Metres
Metres with De Clutch Imperial with De Clutch
Feet and Inches
Wheel Runs on Oilite Bearings

Specifications are as follows;
Accuracy 99.5%
Measuring Distance 9999.9m 9999.9yds
Increments 0.1m 0.1y
Wheel Circumference 0.5m or o.5yds
Wheel Diameter 0.16m
Weight 6kgs

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