Leica Grade Lasers

Leica give you a choice of 2 single grade lasers (Rugby 670 & 870) and 2 dual grade lasers (Rugby 680 and 880) allowing you to choose the best model for your job. All offer you Li-ion Longlife batteries, submersible up to 1m in water, and a choice of 3 different receivers.
Easily perform levelling and slope applications with the semi-automatic Leica Rugby 680 and 670 dual and single grade lasers. Their simple user interface, four-button menu and digital display allow quick and convenient dial-in grade for increased productivity and efficiency on site.
Increase productivity and reduce costs with the Leica Rugby 880 and 870 construction lasers, highly reliable and accurate in grade applications. Rugby 880 and 870 fully-automatic grade lasers deliver accurate performance in the harshest site conditions, certified by the ISO standard for accuracy and with the highest IP rating in the market. Each laser has been tested according to the ISO 17123-6 standard for continuous accuracy and is delivered with the official calibration certificate. Standing up to the most severe conditions, the Leica Rugby 800 Series are the toughest in the market today with IP 68 protection as standard.